Big commission timelapse
This short film shows the process of completing a large scale contemporary landscape painting on aluminium by British artist Laura Rich.
The Building Blocks for learning to Paint by Laura Rich.
A short animation to explain the basis of my 12 week course in learning to paint. Why we start with drawing and tone in order to learn about painting.
Video 1 of 12. Drawing.
An introduction to the course, why we draw? why is it important? how to hold your pencil and an exercise to try to improve your drawing.
Video 2 (part 1) of 12.
Exercises to practice drawing with structure. Learning to ‘see’ in your observation drawing.
Video 2 (part 2) of 12. Continuing drawing practice.
Further drawing exercises designed to challenge your ‘logic brain’ and teach you to 'see'.
Video 3 of 12. Tone, what it is and how to use it for drawing.
Laura Rich takes you through the basics of using tone in your drawing and eventually in your painting.
Video 4 of 12. Painting with tone.
Laura Rich introduces painting with tone using oil paint. Burnt sienna, flake white and french ultramarine blue. Liquin original as a mixer. Painting from life.
Video 5 of 12. Mixing Colour.
Using the colour wheel and a limited palette of 5 colours we learn to mix any colour.
Video 6 of 12. Adding colour to a grisaille painting
Using the monotone painting from video 4 and the colour mixing theory from video 5 we add colour over.
Video 7 of 12. An introduction to glazing.
Using our monotone painting from earlier in the course we look at using glazes to introduce colour.
Video 8 of 12. Glazing part 2.
Another look at using glazes of colour, this time on to a warm under painting. Mixing colour using layers.
Video 9 of 12. Glazing part 3.
A look at glazing with different colours in one layer. Painting wet into wet to finish off the small painting from video 8.
Video 10 of 12. Compostion.
What it is, why it is important and how to use it.
Video 11 of 12. Composition using a view-finder and cropping.
Another look at how to compose a drawing or painting. How to use your sketches as a starting point for painting.
Video 12 of 12. To be an artist….
A demo of a small painting plus a chat about my route so far into the world of being an artist...


Laura is a drawing and painting teacher with over 10 years experience. This 12-video course has been carefully designed as an overview of methods and techniques to practice for any developing artist. Catering for all abilities (even professional artists need reminding of the roots sometimes eh?). The exercises encourage drawing as a foundation with a view to painting. We look at different methods of painting, colour-mixing, composition, structure, balance, how to capture light and more!

A one-off payment of £45 gives you access to all 12 videos plus, if you have a Facebook account and have paid for the course, you can join a closed Facebook group called 'Laura Rich Painting Tutorials' to access critique of your work, an insight into Laura’s working studio and more!

If you are interested in joining Laura’s online painting tutorials or need further information please contact here.


"The classes are great! I’ve learnt a lot already and I’m only half way through!"

"Having no experience using oils, I am finding the tutorials extremely useful. I like that I am not getting bogged down with too much theory."

"I’m really enjoying the classes, I’ve learnt a lot and I love that I can do them in my own time."

"The classes are really easy to follow and when I have had questions, Laura has answered them on the facebook page quickly and often with humour. She makes the techniques very accessible and is generous with her knowledge."



Laura regularly teaches drawing and painting from her studio in Mere, Wiltshire, UK.

Dates for future workshops: Workshops are 10am until 4pm. Drinks and homemade cake are provided. You will need to bring a lunch please. Materials are provided unless specified. 



To join the mailing list for future workshops please contact me.